Horoscope for the week from 14 to 20 October 2019

Гороскоп на неделю с 14 по 20 октября 2019 года

Horoscope for the week will help you overcome challenges and achieve success in different spheres of life. Astrologers will give each sign of the Zodiac important tips about attracting good luck.

No matter how difficult the week, try not to forget about the daily rituals for good luck. Sometimes difficulties come even in the most favorable or pass us by in the most dangerous. Anyway, the astrologers suggest to always be ready and relax.


The Rams will have a calm and predictable week, because the energy of the planets and stars have stabilized after big changes. The most unusual and bright day — Monday. Astrologers point to the high probability of new acquaintances. It is possible that some Aries will find love, or will acquire other useful business contacts.

Closer to the weekend, the Rams will feel a severe fatigue because of the monotony. It may seem that this week is very long stretches. This is particularly true of those who have problems in love or at work. In financial matters, and when shopping will help five important rules.


The representatives of this Zodiac Sign can occur changes in the sphere of love. Most likely they will be on 15 and 16 October. In these two days you can focus on what’s important in life together or to appoint a romantic date with the second half. This week it is important to show loved ones your love, ability to find compromises.

Sunday astrologers recommend to deal only with their business, relaxation and rest. In the period from 14 to 20, the Bulls will have the opportunity to develop your intuition and other latent abilities. This will help them a useful exercise.


Amorous sphere for Twins can be a major in this period. Three techniques to attract love will help representatives of this Sign become more successful, more powerful. This week to impress the opposite sex will be easier than usual. The most successful day for the Twins, who are in a relationship, will be Sunday. On this day the planets and stars will be extremely active and creative.

Working days will be productive — you can engage in monotonous hard work, to solve important issues, to get rid of debt. It will be useful to transform the workplace to redecorate. Good luck on affect the start of new projects. The main thing now — do not be afraid to ask advice from colleagues and superiors to work together.


Cancers will need to clear your energy of negativity. This will help them in three ways, which will also deliver representatives of this Sign from hurts and failures. What to the stars, they will be extremely positive and constructive, and this will provide the Crayfish with luck. The most productive and brightest day will be 14 and 17 October. Monday and Thursday are favorable for shopping, work and recreation.

On the weekends it is better to focus on the home, namely cleaning, because it will help Cancers to clean your home aura from negativity. This will save themselves of Cancers and their households from malaise, apathy and poor performance.

It’ll be a quiet week, during which stars and planets will become less active. This will allow the Lions to focus all his attention on the field that they find most important. Also this week, the Lions will be able to learn to think positively even in difficult situations. This skill is very important for every person.

Encountering troubles with a smile on my face and a warm heart, the Lions will be able to succeed in anything. The most important thing for them now is to prioritize, to set important goals. A very important role for them to play intuition. Sixth sense will save lions from failure and help them to anticipate the steps of their enemies.


In Virgo begins a period when you need to unwind and relax. It’s the perfect time for vacation, for household chores, shopping, purchase gifts. Also astrologers advise Virgos to focus on the love field. In love everything should be calm and measured. Virgos will be able to resolve family problems, to find compromises.

Affirmations for success and luck can help Virgins get rid of negative programs, doubts and negative emotions. Thoughts form the present and the future, so it’s important to tune in the desired fashion, especially now, when the mind is open to positive. Virgo will be very successful in this period because they will feel more confident and better.

At Scales approaching a very important life changes. The representatives of this Zodiac Sign can change the fate and purify karma. For this you need to do good deeds to help loved ones, be for them a support in all. At the end of the week is to focus on yourself. On the weekend you can stroll through the shops to update your wardrobe, new hairstyle, a change of scenery.

Useful will be to travel to another city or even country. It is not necessary to refuse trips, and invitations from distant relatives or parents. In business and at work Weights need a bit of composure and tranquility. The house must be in order, as well as in the workplace.


Scorpions can meet new challenges. It is possible that someone from the enemies decide to harm the Scorpions, which can slightly slow down the process of establishing their success in business and at work. The panacea for war on the financial front there is indifference, so you should not respond to attacks enemies. The house is also possible conflicts so that the Scorpions is better to use the incantations from the fights.

A very important day will be Monday. Planet aktiviziruyutsya and help the Scorpions to determine the tasks and get started. Monday should put aside all doubts and all skepticism, as they will hinder the development and hurt to make important decisions.


14 and 16 October — the most important and auspicious days for Sagittarius. Planets and stars will be in harmony and activity which will affect any business. Luck the archers will be very high. Closer to the weekend the situation will return to normal, so representatives of this Sign will have to be prudent and careful.

To get rid of possible bad luck in the end of the week Sagittarius will help three magic way. Also, do not reject the help of friends and relatives, colleagues and friends. Stars want Archers often did good deeds for others. Selfishness, especially in the second half of the week will not be the best way to achieve happiness.


The greatest number of inexplicable, uncontrollable, but important events will occur in the first half of the week. On Monday, the planet will be very active, that will cause major changes. Capricorns will have to move from words to action, to take on complex projects at work and to be active in the love field.

The representatives of this Sign, which happens romantic Dating, it is best to check compatibility using the square of Pythagoras. You can also trust your instinct because it will also be very strong. At the weekend a useful change of scene and complete rest.


Aquarius will have to be more prudent this week. 14, 15 and 16 of the stars will be extremely active, because of what Aquarius will need more care and forethought. The first half of the week will be very productive, so the Aquarius will be able to fulfill their desires. Special technology in this respect will be particularly useful.

When shopping on the weekend and on Friday there is a risk to overpay or purchase a poor quality item. It is important to follow common sense and not risk in vain, to avoid financial losses. Better a few times to double-check contracts and checks.


The fish should be more sincere with others, especially in the first four days of the week, which will be extremely positive and successful. You should think about how to attract luck into your life on a long term basis. This will help the advice of friends and intuition. It will be useful to think about their future steps and decide in which direction to move on.

Activity in all spheres of life will be very useful. It is not necessary to remain in solitude in my free time. Communication with people and looking for my soulmate will be a great way of entertainment. Tuesday and Wednesday you can do shopping, and on Monday and Thursday to focus on earnings and looking for new sources of income.