Horseradish leaves elongated salt. Rubbing of the leaves of the horseradish helped with pain in back and joints!

Листья хрена вытянут соль. Растирка из листьев хрена помогла при болях в спине и суставах!

Now is the time to get rid of all the salt that has accumulated in the body and can lead to painful salt deposits.

Take a fresh large horseradish leaves – 2 pieces Before going to sleep dip them on both sides of the boiling water and immediately put on his back, grabbing his neck, before brushing these areas with vegetable oil. Tie fabric. Maybe a slight burning sensation, but no pain.

In the morning carefully remove the leaves – if too much salt, they fall apart. Look what region a lot of salt. Make as many procedures as needed – salt should not be on the leaves.

Hell – the only plant that is able to pull salt through the pores of the skin.

Rubbing of the leaves of the horseradish helped with pain in the back and joints.

“Start from the beginning. I went to the country on the train. The car was standing open,it seemed to me, he will long stand. But I put my foot up, doors shut, and I was literally pushed into the carriage. Fell on all fours, felt pain in the back.

Thought that lightly. But… the evening intensified the pain. On Saturday morning, with difficulty got out of bed. Barely survived until Monday and went straight to the surgeon. The doctor at the touch of has determined that no fracture, but said it will hurt for a long time. Prescribed ointment which did not help.

Decided to go to a neurologist. He confirmed the diagnosis of the surgeon, prescribe diclofenac injections and physical therapy. Injections take the pain away only for a time, and the magnet, on the contrary, strengthened.

Seeing my suffering, the husband of the younger sister brought the rubbing, which helped him to get rid of back pain. I only twice nater — the pain subsided, and in a week completely gone.

Now, as soon as the back ache (a ache there because of what: osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia) — are rubbing.

Here is her recipe. In may, as soon as the young green leaves of horseradish, Narva and put them in a glass jar. Pour vodka or diluted alcohol. Put it on 2 days in a dark place. The drug was ready. Take a bundle of wet leaves and RUB their sore spot. This rubbing can also be used for pain in the joints.”