Hotbed infection: how to disinfect your smartphone, so you don’t catch the coronavirus

On the background of the pandemic coronavirus change and standard instructions clean the surface of the gadgets, says “Lifehacker”.

Рассадник инфекции: как дезинфицировать смартфон, чтобы не подхватить коронавирус

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For the prevention of coronavirus, it is important to always hold hands clean and not to touch their face, especially in areas with large concentrations of people. However, what about the smartphones? After all, putting the gadget to your ear, we are also putting ourselves in danger. To reduce the risk of infection from their own cell phone will help thorough disinfection.

The smartphone, like any metal, glass or plastic surface, can indeed be a carrier of coronavirus. According to the report, the risk of infection from contact with items stored for up to 9 days.

For disinfection gadgets Google and Apple are usually advised to use slightly soapy water applied to a lint free cloth. However, given the pandemic of coronavirus in the standard instructions were made some changes. In particular, there was a recommendation to use wipes with 70% alcohol solution.

Alcohol and household cleaners for cleaning the gadgets were previously banned because they can damage the oleophobic coating on the display. Journalist Joanna stern WSJ decided to check whether this is so in fact — she wiped the iPhone display 8 disinfectant wipes Clorox over 1000 times and did not notice any changes.

On the napkins she didn’t stop: stern struck on a display toilet cleaner with hydrochloric acid in the composition, however, even after five minutes of cleaning with the device everything was OK. Had no effect and bleach, after which the smartphone went to liquid nail Polish remover containing acetone. Only then oleophobic layer really affected, though the smartphone continued to work.

Such tests allowed to conclude that in fact antirobe coverage is not so easy to damage, so use of alcohol-containing liquid is still possible. The same opinion and microbiologist Charles coat of Arms, which recommends to wipe the device with a cloth dampened with a solution of alcohol and water in the ratio of 40% to 60%.

If you are afraid to damage the screen, and that is a much more secure way. It is to use safety glasses or films which can be pasted over the display of your smartphone. Many of them do not have the oleophobic layer, and if it is, then its destruction with time will hardly be a great loss. You can always replace the glass without any damage to the screen of the gadget. In addition, this protection will protect from scratches and chipping when dropped.

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