Hotel in Las Vegas caught fire: 6 dead, over 10 injured

In Las Vegas (NV) on Saturday, December 21, there was a fire. According to authorities, killing at least 6 people, another 13 were injured. This writes Fox News.

В отеле в Лас-Вегасе произошел пожар: 6 погибших, более 10 раненых

Photo: Depositphotos

The fire originated in a three-storey Alpine Motel Apartments in the heart of Las Vegas. According to the preliminary data the fire arose accidentally.

Earlier the fire service said five of the wounded were in critical condition and that several residents looked out Windows when firefighters arrived. Several of them jumped and were injured, the Department reported.

Tim Szymanski, Department of public information of the fire service that the fire originated on the first floor of the building and then spread. From the building came a strong smoke and high temperature.

The incident occurred about 4:15. The red Cross announced that it had set up to help the affected people in the neighbouring school.

At least 50 people were displaced by the fire. Damage is currently estimated at 475 000$.

Neither firefighter was injured.

This fire could become the second most deadly fire, after the fire 1980 into the MGM Grand Hotel killed more than 80 people.