Hotels around the world offer tourists great discounts on future bookings

In connection with the crisis of coronavirus hotels in need of money, as due to quarantine they had to close, and profits during this time, no. About it writes USA Today.

Отели по всему миру предлагают туристам выгодные скидки на будущие бронирования

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Quarantine won’t last forever, and those who have to seek to go, hotels offer discounts on future stays when you pay with right now. And in the end everybody wins.

Entrepreneurs and hotel group came up with the idea of selling vouchers that you can buy now to use them for future bookings of rooms, food and services such as Spa treatments.

It’s a win-win — hoteliers thus compensate for their huge losses, and customers receive great validity period of a voucher and a discount on hotel stay. Thus, the hotel industry, at least, trying to find a solution because it faces one of the biggest crises in history.

Suggestions can be found on the website of the Hotel Credits. They vary depending on the hotel. For example, Oxford Hotels&Resorts offers a reservation at four of its upscale hotels in Chicago, here you will find for $100 vouchers worth $150 that you can use within 60 days.

The owner of one of the sites where exhibited such proposals, Caitlin Zaino background, says on the site you can find the very best deals, for example, to pay $200 in exchange for a voucher worth $300.

“Each of us is trying to provide accommodation at your hotel,’ said George Jordan, President of Oxford Hotels&Resorts, which has hotels from Boston to San Francisco. — At the moment we can’t open our business, as customers no, but we can sell vouchers that will give us a profit now and increase our income in the future.”

Vouchers can be used for room reservations and for payment of food and services at the hotel.

Although Jordan does not disclose the number of actual sales, he said, “the phones began to burst” as soon as it became known about pre sales.

To see the available vouchers on the site of Hotel Credits. It is a growing number of hotels, more than two dozen from all over the world that announce the sale of vouchers.

Hotels registered on the site, span the globe: from Akyra Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, to Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spain in new York’s Hudson valley. Many transactions require that a voucher has been used by the end of 2022.

Many of the hotels are currently closed, as is currently prohibited travel between the States, and no potential travelers. But that will soon change.

Caitlin Zaino background does not disclose the reaction of consumers, with the exception of a sufficiently high number of reservations to date.

Similarly, Wade Breitzke jointly with the public Affairs Amy Ogden and the Agency for hotel marketing WeCreate Media developed the website We Travel Forward.

The idea of buying vouchers for a future stay may sound like easy money and a better price, but one analyst urged caution.

“Everyone needs to think about how they spend money. It’s better now not to invest in the possible visit,” said Ted Rossman, an analyst at consumer financial website In addition, he said, will take time, the economy has recovered.

But Jordan says that the idea of selling vouchers for the future may kindle a small travel fever and to raise the morale of potential travelers stuck at home.

“Everybody’s worried about what will be served for dinner tonight, so travel is not the highest priority, he said. But I want people to also think about the good times. The world will again begin to rotate”.




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