Housing occupied Donbass in critical condition

Due to unprofitable rates, the debts of population for communal and shortages resulting from Russia’s subsidies to housing and utilities ORDO is experiencing an extremely difficult situation: from-for debts for small wages retiring experts, the current crash is no one to correct, investments in fixed assets do not exist at all.

ЖКХ оккупированного Донбасса в критическом состоянии

As a result, local residents of Alchevsk (ORLO) complain in principle a trifling accident, became a problem for the whole house:

“Sewage flows right under the noses of the Executive Committee, with it all day… Stinks utter, weekday, no one does…”.

“Alchevsk. Leningradskaya St., house 30 from December 1, beating wells and all sewage goes into the basement of the fifth entrance! Stinks unreal… And that’s 10 the number water of the lake is increasing, wells scored again…”.

“Joseph Pinochet” from Makeyevka confirms that in ORDO, the situation is similar:

“The regional water utilities took the opportunity to take payments in cash. The result was not long in coming: Donetsk is filled with water from a busted water pipes. Workers ‘ wages are not paid, the money for repairs, no.”