Housing shortage: Montreal represents more than half of the deficit

Housing shortage: Montreal accounts for more than half of the d ;ficit


No less than 60% of the housing shortages in Quebec are in the greater Montreal area, revealed the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec (APCHQ) in a press release published on Friday . 

The APCHQ intends to make up for the deficit and meet the densification and sustainable development objectives of the municipalities. To achieve these objectives, certain solutions are envisaged such as financial support, regulatory relief, an increase in densification thresholds, the creation of accessory housing units and the reduction of permit authorization deadlines.

< p>The APCHQ therefore invites the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM) to establish a strategic plan and annual targets to make up for the deficit, i.e. a shortage of 60,000 housing units.

“The collaboration of the all the actors involved is essential to overcome the challenges and prevent the crisis from worsening in the next decade. It is urgent to bring all the stakeholders together around the same table to identify possible solutions to the shortage of 100,000 housing units in Quebec,” announced Maxime Rodrigue, President and CEO of the APCHQ.

The lack of social housing in the metropolitan area is also an important issue. The APCHQ therefore recommends ensuring the full funding of social housing programs and accompanying any settlement of inclusion with adequate financial compensation for developers.