“How am I going to explain this to his children?” asks the brother of a victim

“How am I going to explain ça to his children?” wonders the brother of a victim


Mohsen Belhaj, the brother of Mohamed Salah Belhaj, one of the men who was randomly killed this week in Montreal, believes that this serious event shakes the population's sense of security, and that a mistake was made somewhere.

Mohsen Belhaj opened up on Friday about the murder of his brother.

“If a citizen has been killed here, in Montreal, or anywhere in Canada, we no longer feel safe to move around. We have a lot of questions to ask ourselves, and a lot of answers to look for,” said Mr. Belhaj in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

The young man who allegedly shot three strangers in 24 hours, Abdulla Shaikh, 26, was followed by the Mental Disorders Review Commission (CETM). He was recently released by a court, even though he posed a “significant risk to public safety”.

Mohsen Belhaj believes that a mistake was made and that it led to the murder of his brother and the two other victims.

“I don't want to say that someone did their job badly, but they didn't make the right decisions. It hurts. You can't do anything, but we can do a lot of things, to manage to avoid these tragedies which are costing Quebec its beauty of living together,” maintains Mr. Belhaj.

He maintains that he does not will never forget the good times he lived with his brother to whom he was close. The two men had just returned from Tunisia, due to their father who had just died in their native country.

Mohsen Belhaj also thinks of his brother's children, who no longer have a father.

“How am I going to explain this to his children? What to say to children who ask: '' Dad, where is he? All the good memories will stay with me,” he recalled.