How and when is the best time to drink milk: answer of doctors

Milk is the product that we use from childhood.

Как и когда лучше пить молоко: ответ врачей

We are always taught that milk is very useful, contains lots of calcium and a must-have in the diet. However, it is not the first year there is a debate about how good this product is for use adult. Doctors told how to drink milk.

Doctors recommend to drink milk every day in the order of three glasses. To drink milk, according to doctors, it should be as a separate dish, that is separate from the rest of the meals.

Of course, dairy products are the main source of calcium and also give the body vitamin D, which the industry enriches modern milk. However, older people need to drink milk sparingly.

Fresh milk doctor drink advise. The use of such milk is due to the high risk of infections. In addition, in the fresh milk contains a high concentration of estrogen. Whenever possible, choose lactose-free milk.