How are the contraceptive pill and obesity

Oral contraceptives threaten to obesity, especially if the reception lasts for more than two consecutive years, said scientists from the University of Navarra (Spain).

The study is published in the journal International Journal of Obesity.

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Experts analyzed data from about 5,000 graduates of Spanish universities, information about which was collected over eight years. The average age of women at the start of the study was 28 years, none of them did not suffer from obesity.

Every two years the subjects were provided scientists information about your weight, and whether they take the contraceptive pill.

It was found that the participants who took oral contraceptives at baseline, the risk of developing obesity in the next eight years was raised to 78%. Moreover, continuous medication for two or more years increases the risk of obesity almost tripled.

This effect may be associated with hormonal changes that cause fluid retention in the body, fat deposits, or muscle growth, said the scientists.