How can improve sauerkraut

Be sure to include in your diet in autumn and winter sauerkraut. It provides the body with many vitamins and minerals, protects the heart and helps with weight loss, and due to its beneficial bacteria acts as a natural probiotic medication.

Как может оздоровить квашеная капуста

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed sauerkraut as a remedy, a tonic person and help him to recover faster after injuries and diseases. No wonder – sauerkraut is a very effective tool to strengthen the immune system. The bacteria contained in sauerkraut and sugar that they ferment, nourish the intestinal flora, promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, which in turn neutralize the harmful bacteria. Thus increases the body’s defenses against colds and other infections.

Provides antioxidants. Sauerkraut contains a lot of vitamin C and vitamin E and the trace mineral selenium – this “cocktail” strengthens the body’s ability to fight infections and free radicals that can damage cells, causing inflammation and development of cancer.

Improves mental health. In the process of fermentation of cabbage produces acetylcholine, which has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. Some neurologists even recommend a three-month treatment sauerkraut for patients with depression.

Protects the heart. Lactic acid bacteria, formed in the preparation of sauerkraut, reduce the concentration of “bad” LDL cholesterol. With two servings of sauerkraut per week you naturally prevent heart disease.

Heals the skin.
Sauerkraut is a rich source of vitamin K, through which improves blood circulation and skin regeneration. Regular consumption of sauerkraut makes the skin more beautiful.

By the way! A vitamin K deficiency often have people with diseases of the gallbladder and liver dysfunction. They sauerkraut can help to make up for this trace mineral.

Contributes to weight loss. Sauerkraut is low in calories, while it’s Packed with dietary fiber, which stabilize the blood sugar levels and protect against outbreaks of severe appetite.