How did the prices for chicken, pork and beef

Ukraine has decreased the price of chicken. In comparison with March, the cost of a kilogram of chicken carcasses fell nearly 2 % to 54 UAH./kg.

Как изменились цены на курятину, свинину и говядину

This was announced on air of the program “snidanok z 1+1”, referring to the State statistics service.

3% decreased the cost of the chicken. In April, a kilo of this product to residents of Ukraine should pay not less than 92 hryvnia.

The cost of other types of meat rose slightly. Pork prices rose nearly 1 % up to 116 UAH./kg.

Beef also went up by 1 %. In April, the value of this type of meat rose to 138 UAH./kg.

“First dlove channel” with reference to data of the state Statistics informs, that in the past month decrease in prices for eggs (12,3 %), milk (0.6 percent), non-alcoholic beverages (0.4 percent), cheese (0,2 %).

Many other popular among the population of products on the contrary rose. Thus, the increased cost of pasta (about 1.5 %), oil (0,8 %), fish (0,2 %), bread (0,2 %).

State statistics Committee reports that Ukrainian producers of meat and its products has lowered prices for consumers in the internal market. In the first quarter of 2020, they have reduced the cost by 1.9 %.

At the same time, prices for meat products intended for export, on the contrary were higher by 0.6 %.