'How do you delete Twitter?': Google has been on fire since buying Elon Musk

“How to delete Twitter?”: Google has been on fire since buying Twitter Elon Musk


Many Twitter users have wanted to file for divorce since multi-billionaire Elon Musk bought the social network. 

The Daily Mail looked at data compiled by VPNOverview, a security firm that analyzed Google searches over the past week. 

The Google Trends tool revealed that the popularity of the question “How to delete Twitter?” exploded by 500% between October 24 and 31. 

“Boycott Twitter” search, on the other hand, experienced a impressive increase of 4800% between October 26 and November 2.

Several users of the social network have noticed a significant drop in their number of subscribers in the last few days. The phenomenon is probably linked to the deletion of several accounts.

Recall that Elon Musk, who is also the head of Tesla and Space X, bought Twitter for the modest sum of 44 billion dollars .