How do you rate Mayor Marchand's Year 1? Experts speak out

How to rate Mayor Marchand's year 1? Experts speak out


Le Journal asked four political and communications experts to analyze the performance of Bruno Marchand, after a year as mayor of Quebec . They also gave their appreciation of the work of the Leader of the Opposition, Claude Villeneuve. Here is their verdict.

Thierry Giasson

Professor and director of the department of political science at Laval University

What do you think of Bruno Marchand's performance for his first year as mayor of Quebec?

It's a successful balance sheet. The most important task that Bruno Marchand had to establish was to make himself known. He had brought bold proposals to the election campaign and this allowed him to impose himself and project a positive image. 

From the very first words, he projected an image of someone who, despite the context he had to deal with, wanted to work with everyone, in collaboration and compromise. 

< p>He is someone who is easily accessible and it clicks with the people of Quebec. They are proud that this person is their mayor, and it is a huge achievement for him because he had huge shoes to step into following Régis Labeaume.  

< em>The good move

First success: succeeding in reframing the image of the mayor of Quebec and establishing himself as a credible leader. Second success: to be able to stand up to the CAQ deputation in Quebec. 

He was the leader of the opposition movement of this generation of new mayors who say in Quebec: “You are not going to do anything in development, in mobility.” 

The bad move

On zero roaming, his promises were clumsy. He created expectations. The commitment was not well put together. People should have been consulted.

Maybe there was a good intention behind it. But clearly, when it came out, people who work in homelessness raised their finger and said, “It doesn’t make sense and the proposals you are making are not realistic”. He has to sit down with everyone and find solutions. I think it's within reach of Bruno Marchand.  

What do you think of the performance of the leader of the opposition, Claude Villeneuve, for his first year of office?

I appreciated Mr. Villeneuve's tone. It is an opposition which is effective, which does not oppose in order to oppose. There is a desire to move things forward. He took the hand extended by the mayor. It was nice to see that when we were coming out of the Labeaume years. They are doing well and it must be difficult when we have in front of us someone like Bruno Marchand, who is charismatic, who has good values ​​and who is appreciated by the population. The opposition must work with him, but try to make gains without sticking to him too much.  

  • Note out of ten for Mayor Marchand : 8.5/10

Philippe Dubois

Assistant professor in public communication and politics at the National School of Public Administration < /strong>

What do you think of Bruno Marchand's performance in his first year as mayor of Quebec?

He had a good year, overall, because he managed expectations well. When it arrived, it was billed as the flavor of the month. He arrived with big shoes to put on. Régis Labeaume was still very popular and played a very important role on the regional and national scene. 

Mr. Marchand landed well at City Hall, managed to register his mark very quickly, which prevented the constant comparison game with his predecessor. It is Bruno Marchand who is the mayor, with his color and his energy. He managed to distance himself without breaking with Mayor Labeaume. 

He has an open attitude and does not come across as a dogmatist who wants to tick boxes at all costs.  

The good move

Quickly, he succeeded in rebalancing the forces on the board. There is a part of coincidence and a part of political skill in that. 

It has associated elected representatives from the opposition or independents with its executive. These people have shown solidarity with the mayor. The opposition quickly found itself in a difficult position. 

Claude Villeneuve lost soldiers and Quebec 21 literally imploded, which gave the administration leeway, which found itself with free rein.  

The bad move

On some issues, there is the reality of the power that has embarked and there is an impression that the goods are not delivered or at least an impatience that is starting to arrive, on which Mr. Villeneuve manages to score points.&nbsp ;

If it's not a problem for the mayor, it could be. There was a honeymoon. But with the new government and strained relations, and a good number of files that Mr. Marchand has promised to settle quickly, some boxes will have to be ticked soon, because there is a risk to create disappointment.

What do you think of the performance of the leader of the opposition, Claude Villeneuve, for his first year in office?

Quebec first left with two takes because they lost the administration, and the mayor quickly managed to get some soldiers from them. 

On the other hand, we feel the experience in the official opposition with Claude Villeneuve, who has political experience other than municipal, and Alicia Despins, who brings knowledge of the machine beneficial to the action of the opposition. This is an important card up their sleeve. It could make the difference if the mayor's varnish starts to crack.

  • Score out of ten for Mayor Marchand: 9/10

Natacha Joncas Boudreau

Director at TACT consulting intelligence, specialist in public and government relations < /p>

What do you think of Bruno Marchand's performance in his first year as mayor of Quebec?

The spectacular arrival of Bruno Marchand at Quebec City Hall made us forget the short lead he had to reach it. The new mayor had no choice but to quickly adopt a collaborative stance. 

From the first days, he took concrete actions such as the tax credit for merchants and the inventory on the tramway. Despite a few blunders, his political inexperience has not really made itself felt.  

In terms of challenges, the mobility file is not won. Having raised expectations on the campaign trail, he then went back on his word about improvements to the light rail project. Moreover, despite all the communication efforts deployed, one can doubt the success of the offensive as the gap between the two camps seems to widen more each day. 

Let us also add that his victory was great, but short. Thus, he must now work to expand his base of support, without those who first believed in him leaving the ship. A balancing act for the next few years.  

The good move

This unknown man who is campaigning is the same as who is mayor. It is authentic and coherent, which is refreshing in the political landscape.

In the same vein, whether or not we agree with the mayor, he has the courage of his convictions and he defends them to the end. He did not bow down to the Government of Quebec, not hesitating to cause a head-on collision on the transportation file. 

Let us also underline the bridges restored in the relationship with Lévis and the proper management of the convoy of truckers. 

The bad move

The mayor has the defects of his qualities. The firmness of his leadership sometimes leads him into more minefields. He will have to learn to balance his declarations better. 

In the same vein, he quickly played his role as tram captain, reneging on the passage of commitments made during the election campaign. Some felt cheated by this change of position on his own proposals. 

What do you think of the performance of the leader of the opposition, Claude Villeneuve, for his first year of office?

Despite a minority municipal council, the opposition has difficulty being visible on various issues, despite the fact that Claude Villeneuve is making great efforts to exist. The latter also seems to want to change strategy by moving from collaboration to directed attack. His challenge will be to find a political position where he can stand out by being constructive and raising the debate, since all his more virulent attacks against a good-natured mayor resonate strangely.  

    < li dir="auto">Score out of ten for Mayor Marchand: 8/10

Alexandre Boucher

Senior Vice-President at the NATIONAL public relations firm, specialist crisis management, issues and image, government relations and spokesperson training

What do you think of the performance of Bruno Marchand for his first year as mayor of Quebec?

Compared to the previous administration, Bruno Marchand stands out with a change in tone and approach. Well in the saddle, he has freed himself from any comparison with his predecessor, recognized for his strong personality. 

He fits in perfectly with the new generation of elected municipal officials – dynamic and lucid in the face of contemporary issues. – who have been elected to lead the largest cities in Quebec. 

Le bon coup

A skilled communicator, the mayor's reflexes are well-honed for a neophyte in politics. In the month following his election, a crisis involving the SPVQ quickly allowed him to establish his leadership. 

In an inflationary context, his decisions to cap the increase in the tax bill at 2.5 % and limiting the salaries of elected officials were well received, in addition to putting pressure on the mayors of other regions throughout Quebec.  

After limply supporting the tramway during the municipal election campaign, the mayor now defends it with vigor and conviction. 

Ironically, the absence of studies on the third link allows him to maintain his ambiguous position in this polarizing dossier. By the time the studies are completed (and disclosed), the burden of proof rests with the provincial government, which politically serves it well.  

The bad shot

Quebec City wins when the mayor of Quebec, the minister responsible for the Quebec region and the representative of the federal government work hand in hand. 

After a tense reign between the CAQ government and Mr. Labeaume, we would have expected a much more cordial relationship between Mr. Marchand and Geneviève Guilbault. 

Following the appointment of Jonatan Julien, it is up to Mr. Marchand to rebuild the bridges with the Caquiste government, following the example of the great complicity that the mayor seems to have developed with Jean-Yves Duclos.  

< p> Is it the media fauna who only has it for the mayor or Mr. Marchand takes umbrage with the members of his team? Be that as it may, the elected officials of Québec Forte et Fière deserve to be more highlighted, especially since the mayor's team contains talented people. 

< em>What do you think of the performance of the leader of the opposition, Claude Villeneuve, for his first year in office?

Faced with such a popular mayor, it is difficult for opposition parties undergoing reconstruction to hold their own. 

Having worked on the provincial scene for a long time, Claude Villeneuve intervenes a lot on issues for which the responsibility falls, more often than otherwise, to the government of Quebec.

After denouncing the expulsion of an elected member of his party from the executive committee, he discovered, in turn, the limits of politics otherwise and of transpartisan collaboration, by choosing to leave the committee on the construction of the tramway. 

For his part, Éric R. Mercier has made Québec 21 a veritable vaudeville of distressing pathos. < /p>

  • Rating out of ten for Mayor Marchand: 9/10

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