How does the location of the person on his behavior online

Does where we are (e.g. in a cafe or at home), on our desire to disclose personal information on the Internet? According to the American researchers, it is true, if the user has a tendency not to instinctively trust public wireless networks.

According to scientists, some people hold a mental technique called “heuristic of publicity” that prohibits a person to publish online any personal information if it is in public places.

Как влияет местоположение человека на его поведение «онлайн»

“We wanted to know how depending on location will disclose personal information through public Wi-Fi people who adhere to this mental acceptance,” explained S. Shyam Sundar, a scientist from the Laboratory studies of media effects at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States.

To assess the “public face” of the participants, the researchers conducted an analysis of their behavior in four locations: in a café, University, housing that they rented on Airbnb and at home.

The team found that participants who adhered to the “heuristics of publicity” took a public network (e.g. coffee shop) as less safe than their home or University network, and the result is published on the Internet less information about yourself. But the Airbnb network was seen as safer than the cafe, and were ready to reveal personal information.

According to the authors of the study, it is necessary to increase user awareness of the security of the network connection in the public areas. They offer, for example, in public places often pop up such clues as “Warning: this is a public network”.