How food affects the risk of death

Scientists have found that a protein-rich diet is not too good for men. But only if the primary source of protein is meat.

Как пища влияет на риск смерти

Finnish researchers decided to find out how is the food and life expectancy. They are almost a quarter of a century watched 2650 men living in one of the port cities of Finland. In the beginning of the study, the respondents were 42 to 60 years. Almost half of them did not live until the end of the observation.

After analyzing the data, scientists noticed a link between early death and the consumption of large amounts of protein. Especially if its source be animal products.

So, men who ate more than 200 grams of meat a day, the risk of premature death was 23% lower compared to those who ate no more than one hundred grams of meat a day. If a man ate mostly plant foods, the risk of dying failed to reach the average life expectancy decreased by approximately 10%.

Experts have found that a diet low in animal protein helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type II diabetes – diseases that often cause premature death.

It is especially recommended to pay attention to your diet for those who already have any chronic diseases or problems with excess weight.