How has the price of food since the beginning of the year

According to the chief report of the state statistics, published a list of foods that most have increased in price and, conversely, much cheaper.

Как изменились цены на продукты с начала года

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya”.

The price monitoring was conducted in the period from January to April of 2020.

That rose

Thus, in the first place for increase in the cost turned out to be onions, which rose by more than two times. If in January it cost an average of 9.03 UAH/kg, in April of 18.46 UAH/kg.

As for the other basic products that are most popular Ukrainians, the second place is buckwheat, which for several months has added 25% of the cost(up to 35,42 UAH/kg in April), including in relation to the panic about the pandemic of coronavirus.

It is also reported that much more expensive apples – to 16% (up to 19.25 UAH/kg), cabbage – 13% (to 6.57 UAH/kg), carrots and potatoes by 12% (to 6.88 UAH/kg and 14.75 UAH/kg, respectively), sugar – by 9% (to 15.25 UAH/kg).

In addition, increased prices for domestic antipyretics and analgesics – 7% (up to 34,85 UAH and 10 UAH, respectively).

The following products have risen by 4-5%:

  • figure 23.4 per UAH/kg;
  • wheat flour – up to UAH 11.6/kg;
  • beef – to 141.06 UAH/kg;
  • beets – to 6.84 UAH/kg;
  • imported antibiotics to 110,43 UAH.

That fell

From monitoring the prices of basic foodstuffs, it follows that for the period from January to April, most prices fell curini eggs — by 21% (to 16.34 UAH/10 PCs), and chicken by 12% (up to 88,18 UAH/kg) and chicken carcasses 10% (up to 52,22 UAH/kg).

Separately it is noted that the liquefied gas for cars fell by 22% (to 9.79 UAH/l). At the same time, fell in price gasoline A-92, A-95 and diesel by 11% (to of 22.84 UAH/liter, 23,91 UAH/liter and from 23.31 UAH/liter, respectively)