How long to keep tax documents: recommendations for the IRS

You don’t need to keep tax returns forever, but it is wise to keep them on hand for several years. This writes the Business Insider.

Как долго нужно хранить налоговые документы: рекомендации IRS

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In General, the IRS (IRS) recommends that you retain copies of returns for at least three years, you’ll need them if you need to pass the test.

Most of the checks associated with tax returns filed in the last two years, but the IRS can you check and another period, if the situation requires it. However, checks should not be of concern to most taxpayers. Less than 1% of tax returns verified by the IRS.

Having at hand your tax documents, you can easily fill out an application for a mortgage or free application for Federal student (FAFSA). You will also need adjusted income (AGI) from tax return of the previous year to confirm your identity when filing your current return.

If you make the same Declaration every year, your data is usually saved, but you should also download and keep a copy. Your tax returns and statements to tax returns contain very sensitive information that fraudsters can use to verify your identity.

The IRS also recommends that you keep the documents used to complete your tax return, including your W-2 or 1099, and any investment or Bank statements. Keep records of health insurance, including documentation of insurance coverage provided by the employer, and the payment of insurance premiums.

In some tax situations, you will need to keep records up to 7 years.

For those who have more complicated tax returns, experts suggest to keep them for six years because of the statutory IRS limit for low income. Under this rule, the IRS extends the inspection period to six years when there are significant gaps in income, 25% or more.

The IRS recommends that you keep tax documents related to the estate, up to seven years after the sale. Documents requiring proof of loss of securities or bad debt deduction shall also be kept for seven years after filing a tax return.

If you have lost or accidentally threw away old tax returns, you can request a copy over the past six years to the IRS by completing Form 4506 and submitting it by mail. The fee per copy is $50, and it may take up to 75 days.

But the tax statements are free and available online within five to ten days for the current tax year and usually the previous three years. The transcript of the tax returns will show most of the items including your AGI and submitted any additional forms or schedules, but will not show any changes or amendments to the original Declaration.

Other transcripts, such as information on wages and income and the statement of tax accounts can provide tax information over the past 10 years.

If and when you get rid of old tax returns, make sure the documents are destroyed properly to protect against identity theft.