How many fish need to eat to prevent heart attack and cancer?

The study showed that fish oil really lowers the risk of heart attack and also helps in cancer prevention and increases the chances of winning, if the disease is already here.

Сколько рыбы нужно есть для профилактики инфаркта и рака?

American scientists published in the journal Science Daily, the results of five-year observations for 26 thousand people. The experts wanted to understand whether it makes sense to eat foods or supplements containing unsaturated fatty acids.

About essential fatty acids most scientists adhere to the positive reviews – they help the absorption of nutrients, including vitamin D and is necessary for cell formation and protection of vessels from the “bad” cholesterol.

The study showed that fish oil really helps to reduce the risk of heart attack. He also has the ability to help in the prevention of cancer, and ingestion of fish oil improves survival among those who have faced a cancer diagnosis.

In this case there are two points which it is important to pay attention to. To obtain a positive effect, it is best to eat fatty fish, not supplements with fish oil. A week is enough for 1-2 servings of fatty fish. It is noteworthy that the increase in the consumption of fish did not affect the positive result of seven servings of fish per week will give the same result as two servings. And this is further evidence in favor of a variety of a balanced diet.