How many steps to do per day and why

Of course, you’ve heard about the “Golden rule ten thousand steps”. We learned the medical opinion about how much you need to walk in the day and why it is so important.

Сколько шагов нужно делать в день и почему

Hiking great benefit. Especially those who are not engaged in regular sports and spends a lot of time without movement – in this case, the walk is literally life-saving. In recent years, we often hear that 10 thousand steps a day are optimal physical activity, but is it really?

Experts said this advice should be: for the health need to do at least 10 thousand steps a day. This applies to young people, pensioners recommended 5-7 thousand steps, depending on the age and state of health.

But can Hiking to replace the sport? During the walk we burn calories, the body receives more oxygen, the muscles of the legs and back are strengthened. Although it is very good, but it is better to give attention to all muscle groups, the more effective will be walking, Nordic walking and Jogging. You can do several exercises, such as jumps and slopes, directly during the walk.

According to experts, it is recommended to walk at least 40 minutes a day – a walk of that duration helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, elevate mood and keep your sugar levels under control. And if you increase the walking time to 90 minutes and to choose a quiet place, you can successfully deal with the autumn Blues.