How many Ukrainian stars earn for their support in the elections

Ukrainian artists have traditionally supported political parties and candidates in parliamentary elections.

Movement “Honestly” calculated how much the policy paid stars.

Сколько украинские звёзды зарабатывают за поддержку на выборах

“Ukrainian politicians during the election campaign have gone two ways: someone paid money directly to performers, decorated as the SPD, and some through various concert agencies. In the second case, if a candidate campaigned several different singers, from the total paid amount is impossible to know exactly how much was one or the other artist”, — says the publication.

Singer Pavlo Zibrov has performed several times in support of a candidate-member Anatoly Gunko from the 209 th district (Chernihiv region). Zibrov received from the electoral Fund Gunko 30 thousand UAH.

Protege “public Servants” Alexey Kuznetsov from the district №106 in Luhansk was invited to the voters, Tina Karol and Oleg Violin. Carole received for a concert of 138 thousand UAH. The Violin — 55 thousand Kuznetsov became the people’s Deputy.

The candidate of the “public Servants” in the 107th district Alexander Sorokin also paid Carol 138 thousand UAH. But he was an MP with no luck.

Active was a candidate Anton Yatsenko, whose re-elected MP. In his district he was repeatedly invited various artists: Oleg winnick, Olga Polyakova, Olga Cybulski, Jiji, cover band STAR-BAND and Komixy, group Neangely, sun Shade, Debosh, a Selfy. In the report of the candidate’s stated that the organization of these events he has spent a total of 5.3 million.

Party Ukrainian strategy Groisman used concerts during the election campaign: she sang the singer Andriana, Irina Fedyshyn, “Second river”, “Tick” and pan Karpo. According to Prozorro, “Honest” estimate that “Second river”, “Tik” and Irina Fedyshyn earned on these concerts is not less than 1.9 million.

The current leader of the Agrarian party of Ukraine Mykhailo poplavskyi before the elections, went on a tour of Ukrainian cities by Oleg Vinnik. Poplavsky together with Vinnik visited at least 10 cities. In the report, the party stated that at their concerts there spent 5.2 million UAH.