How many Ukrainians costs one day of quarantine

Citizens of Ukraine called the amount needed for them and their families to live a day in quarantine due to coronavirus

Во сколько украинцам обходится один день карантина

Food family it is necessary to allocate an amount ranging from 100 UAH and 250 UAH per day, 28% of Ukrainians consider, and 21% of Ukrainian citizens have voiced a figure of 250 hryvnia and ending 500 UAH.

This is evidenced by the results of a nationwide rollingover of research conducted by the sociological company Resarch&Branding Group, reports Wave.

At the same time, 13% of Ukrainians called the amount needed to supply the family, which is more than 500 hryvnia per day, and 15% admitted that they need at least 100 hryvnia a day “to feed.”

Respondents also mentioned the amount that they need in order to withstand a month of quarantine.

So, 31% need to do this from 5 thousand to 10 thousand, 21% — from 10 thousand to 15 thousand.

16% of people need more than 15 thousand, and as many Ukrainians, as a percentage, are willing to settle for a sum less than 5 thousand.

Во сколько украинцам обходится один день карантина

For reference.

The Rubicon project is a remote CATI survey raingauge format.

So, every day queried the same number of sample, which is representative of sex, age, locality, and region of residence in Ukraine.

Thus, accumulated total dataset consisting of daily effective arrays, allowing you to not only obtain operational data, but also to monitor daily dynamics or through a strictly defined period of time.

The survey was held from 28 March to 2 April 2020

The sample consisted of 1211 respondents.