How many Ukrainians get paid more than 15 thousand hryvnia

State statistics service has published information regarding the distribution of the number of employees, and assessed wages for the month of December 2019.

Сколько украинцев получают зарплату свыше 15 тысяч гривен

About it reports “RBC-Ukraine” referring to the State statistics service.

According to updated figures for the December salary that exceeds 20,000 UAH was 11.8 per cent, from 15000,01 to 20000,00 UAH and 9.5%, all wages in excess of 15 thousand UAH were accrued in December, 21.3% of the employed.

In addition, the statistics service has published data on wages in percentage terms, below 15000 UAH. According to published information from 12000,01 to 15000,00 UAH received 10.8 per cent, from 10000,01 to 12000,00 UAH 9.5 per cent, from 8000,01 up to 10000.00 UAH% to 10.6%, from 6000,01 to 7000,00 UAH to 7.7%, from 5000,01 up to 6000,00 UAH 8.8 per cent, from 4500.01 up to 5000.00 UAH — 8,2%, from 4173,01 to 4500,00 UAH 10.4 per cent, to UAH 4173,00 and 5.4% of full-time employees.

Сколько украинцев получают зарплату свыше 15 тысяч гривен

The State statistics service

Given that the level of inflation in Ukraine is rapidly shrinking, real wages in Ukraine may grow compared to last year, by 8-9%. Such forecasts are announced Deputy Minister of economic development Sergey Nikolaichuk.