How many Ukrainians were left without pay in November

In connection with incorrect work of the Single state automated registry of beneficiaries (EARL) about 60 thousand Ukrainians have not received my payout in November 2019. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of social policy in response to recent media information about the fact that the system of monetization of subsidies has been a massive failure.

Сколько украинцев остались без выплат за ноябрь

In turn, the officials assured that the benefits for komuslugi for October and November this year was accrued timely and in full.

The 680 million UAH were transferred to beneficiaries in October (allocation on 8 November) and 1.3 billion UAH for November to make payments in cash non-cash (clearing occurred on December 10). At the same time in the form of cash was transferred UAH 40 million, and for November — almost 80 million UAH“, — reported in the Ministry of social policy.

In November the number of recipients of benefits in cash amounted to more than 77 thousand people, in cash and cashless (through JSC “Oschadbank”) — nearly 1.7 million citizens. Thus in Department added that no accrued benefits for approximately 60 million people due to incorrect information in EARL.

The Ministry explained that the benefits to pay for utility services are accrued based on the recipient information contained in EARL. Some of this data at the start of monetization was outdated because it was made 15 years ago and in many cases have not been adjusted. Therefore, there were delays in the creation of a personal account of the exempt in “Oshchadbank”.

Grantees in non-cash form the Bank monthly informs on the calculation of subsidies and incentives, but also reflects the payment for utility services to personal account.

In the absence of such information, the SMS do not. Sending SMS through all mobile operators is centralized JSC “Oschadbank” with the help of special software.

Stress, financing accrued amounts of benefits Ministry of social policy has come at the right time. Therefore, the debt of the state speech can not go“, — said the press service.