How much coffee do you drink per day, so as not to harm the body

Coffee is not only a way to cheer up, but to pass the time with conversation and just have a good time with a drink. But when a regular coffee turns into harmful to the body and how drink the Cup, you can drink per day, found out the edition Times of India.

Сколько кофе можно выпивать за день, чтобы не навредить организму

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For many important coffee.

Many turn to caffeine to power the body through the day. No matter how useful it may seem, you never know when your usual intake of caffeine will work against you.

What happens if you drink too much coffee

Coffee with all its useful properties, in the end is addictive. Excess caffeine in any form can cause such problems as insomnia, increased blood pressure, anxiety, heart palpitations, digestive problems, fatigue, and, most importantly, to lead to addiction. Therefore, it is vital that you curb your coffee habits and keep them under control.

How many cups is too much

Caffeine science calls one of the most frequently used psychoactive substances. Although the caffeine content may cause concerns in the average Cup of coffee can be from 40 to 400 milligrams. It is highly likely that most of us on average consume 100 mg of caffeine per day. However, 400 mg is the maximum that people can go technically. A large dose can be potentially devastating, and that’s what the experts would call “too much”. 400 mg of caffeine – contains approximately 10 Cola cans or 2 energy drinks.

Excess caffeine can also lead to other health problems

A study conducted in recent years also made a startling discovery regarding the fact that too much caffeine can do with your body.

A study conducted by the American journal of clinical nutrition showed that people who drink more than six cups of coffee per day are 22% more likely to be victims of cardiovascular diseases and development compared to those who had admitted that he had consumed one or two cups of coffee per day. This statement does not depend on the level of human metabolism.

Avoid depending on caffeine

It was also noted that the development of the habit of drinking a lot of coffee can also cause nerve damage and lead to seizures.

For pregnant women, despite the fact that the use of caffeine in any form is considered a no-no, the average number should be even lower than 300 mg. anything over 250-300 mg associated with an increased likelihood of miscarriage, loss of energy, and palpitations.

With regard to adolescents and young people, the fewer, the better.

Harmful coffee

Not really. In contrast to widespread opinion, coffee is not the worst of what you drink. Studies have shown that caffeine contains some of the rich antioxidants that can reduce the pain, shrink swollen veins, help you live longer – provided that you drink coffee in the normal range. Thus, it is best to know what is best for your body and adhere to it.

What are the alternatives

Coffee Cup may seem indispensable, but there are many alternatives that can give your body the same energy level, with the exception of caffeine. Can help fermented drinks such as Kombucha, green tea, hot water with lemon and honey, Apple cider vinegar or even tea. Fruit juices, raw fruits or just water can also be very useful.

Whether you are drinking it in the morning, afternoon or evening in the busy days, the drink you drink, should contain additional nutrition that benefits you, not depletes your body.



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