How much do you pay to temporarily disabled Ukrainians for seven months

For the period January-July 2019 the social insurance Fund provided financial assistance for temporary loss of working capacity of about 1.6 million Ukrainians who apply for insurance. The Fund has received and processed 2.4 million sick leaves, which were assigned to help.

Сколько выплатили временно нетрудоспособным украинцам за семь месяцев

About it reports a press-service of the Fund.

The amount of funds that are sent to the payment for sick leave for seven months was 5.8 billion UAH. Compared to the same period last year this figure increased by 23%

The average amount of benefit for temporary incapacity for work of equal 271,34 UAH/day, which shows its growth by 28.2%.

  • The amount of assistance for temporary disability is calculated based on insurance: if less than 3 years, the amount equal to 50% of average wage subject to insurance experience 3-5 years person will pay 60% of the average wage, in 5-8 years – 70%, and with the experience of more than 8 years or of benefits in accordance with the law will pay 100% of the amount.
  • The right to such assistance is any insured a citizen of Ukraine, a stateless person with members of their families, provided their stay in Ukraine.
  • The social insurance Fund will provide financial assistance for temporary disability due to the insured event during work or carry out entrepreneurial or other activities.