How much it costs the Americans impeach trump

The third trial in the case of impeachment in U.S. history is quickly approaching to an end: the justification of the President of the United States Donald trump is almost guaranteed after the Senate on Friday, January 31, rejected the appeal to allow the testimony of new witnesses. This writes Fox Business.

Во сколько обходится американцам импичмент Трампа

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According to the assessment received from the heritage Foundation in December, an investigation under the leadership of a Democrat in the House of representatives, and possible trump impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, 18 Dec cost taxpayers approximately $3.06 million

This amount includes money spent on salaries 106 full-time employees of Congress from the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives, Judiciary Committee, and the Committee on oversight and reform, which worked on the impeachment from 24 September to 13 December. It also includes the estimated hourly wage of six lawyers who were present at the hearing.

The basis of the case of impeachment is the allegation that trump deliberately refused military aid to Ukraine to exert pressure on the country to conduct an investigation against Joe Biden and his son hunter Biden, who has served on the Board of Directors of Burisma, the largest gas company of Ukraine, while his father was Vice-President of the United States.

Trump maintained that he acted appropriately.

Although this figure does not include the trial in the Senate, the contribution of this impeachment, much lower than the contribution in the investigation impeachment and trial of President bill Clinton two decades ago. Independent investigation of Clinton cost taxpayers $80 million in 1994.

The law firm leading lawyer trump J. Sekulow and attorney, Jane Raskin received until November of 225 thousand dollars. The party will pay for the lawyers for their work in January and February, as the trial continues.

The team of lawyers trump is also included Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz (who said he will not accept payment for their work), the former independent counsel Ken Starr, who led the investigation into Clinton; and former Florida attorney General pam Bondi.

Final hearings will start on Monday, 3 February, in the morning and not exceed four hours. Senators plan to vote on Wednesday, February 5, on two charges of impeachment against trump: the abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

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