How much it will cost Chinese test for coronavirus in the United States

Information about what patients in the U.S. testing for the presence of coronavirus COVID-19 will cost more than $3000, it’s very common on the Internet. But is it really? Turned edition of USA Today.

Во сколько обойдется тест на китайский коронавирус в США

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Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA) allowed the use of two tests, one of the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) and one from the state Department of health new York. None of the agencies does not charge patients a fee for the test.

History the Miami Herald about the experiences one man has spread to other news agencies, some of which used it to illustrate the problems with the U.S. health care system.

According to article Osmel Martinez Azcue went to work in China in January 2020 back in Miami with “flu symptoms”. He went to Memorial hospital Jackson, fearing that he could be infected with the novel coronavirus called COVID-19. The cost of the visit amounted to $3 270.

According to Lydia, Amoretti, the hospital representative, this amount included a visit to the emergency Department and testing 22 the pathogen of the upper respiratory tract. Ascui test gave a positive result for the flu, and after the staff consulted with the Department of health of Florida, its not even checking for COVID-19.

Jill Montag, a press-the Secretary of the Department of health of the state of new York, announced that the state pays for the testing. According to the American health insurance Plan, trade associations, CDC does not charge a fee from patients for testing.

Jennifer kates, Director of global policy in the field of health and HIV at the Kaiser Family Foundation, said that the visit to the doctor’s office and the emergency Department can cost patients money, noting that some insurance plans may charge patients $1000 or more.

“It all comes down to how this information serves”, she said.

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