How much money customs transferred to the state budget

For 2019, the State customs service collected to the state budget of 14.6 billion dollars is 1 billion dollars more than in 2018. This was announced by the head of the customs service, Maxim nefodov.

Сколько денег таможня передала в госбюджет

More significantly, it was only once, in 2008, during the peak lending, the huge imports from Russia and without Russia’s occupation and annexation of territories (18.1 billion dollars)“, – he wrote.

Nefodov added that the customs, being at the initial stage of reform, working is much more efficient than in 2008, with “a strong predecessors.”

The tax burden on a dollar of imports increased from 24 to 27 cents per kg of imports from 20 to 21 cents, “said he.