How much money migrant workers transferred to Ukraine

Most of the money from Ukrainian migrant workers working abroad in 2019, came from Poland.

Сколько денег заробитчане перечислили в Украину

This was reported by the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine, publishing relevant infographics.

So, according to the national financial regulator, from Poland, the Ukrainians have transferred $ 3.8 billion, from Czech Republic – $ 1.1 billion, from Russia – $ 1 billion from the United States of America – 980 million USD from UK – 600 million.

Of the amounts received, and 73.1% was in dollars, 25,3% — in euros, of 1,6% in other currencies.

According to the world Bank, in 2016 the volume of money transfers from other countries to Ukraine exceeds 10% of GDP. The Ministry of social policy estimates the number of permanently working abroad the Ukrainians, 3.2 million, and in the process of labor migration involves up to 9 million people.