How much of Zhanna badoeva spends on the education of daughters

Zhanna badoeva currently lives with his family in Italy. The celebrity revealed the secret and told me how much she spend on the education of the daughter of Lolita in this country.

Сколько Жанна Бадоева тратит на образование дочери

Zhanna badoeva has visited many countries of the world, removing the transfer of “heads and tails”, and now the star does the same trip, developing his own project “the Lives of others.” The presenter knows a lot about life and customs in different countries, and chose for himself a Mediterranean climate. The journalist prefers to live in Italy, and next to her are her children and husband. Now my oldest daughter is studying in school, but in this country education system is very different from that which exists in other parts of the world, it is divided into three stages. Parents gradually have to choose a Junior, intermediate and senior school, and they can do this by having a lot of offers, but all schools are divided into private and public. Lolita began to get education in the first place, and now the parents chose for their usual school.
Zhanna badoeva said, its choice is almost no impact on the level of knowledge that will get the heiress, but the cost of training is significantly different. Many wealthy people do the same as she was. Now the family only pays school bus, which is shared with all students addresses. For this service parents annually pay only 300 euros per year, according to Teleprogramma.