How much Ukraine will pay the IMF this year

Ukraine must return to the International monetary Fund for about $ 1.4 billion of borrowing this year.

Сколько Украина выплатит МВФ в этом году

This is evidenced by the schedule of payments published on the website of the Fund, reports Wave.

The schedule and amount of payments.
· This year Ukraine is obliged to pay the IMF 999,648 million SDRs (spetsprava borrowing).

· According to NBU rate at the beginning of January this amounts to approximately $1.4 billion.

· The first payment to the IMF scheduled for February 1, in the amount of nearly 55 million SDRs, and on the 4th of February must pay the remaining 98.5 per million SDRs.

· Biggest payments scheduled for 13 March and 11 September – 295.5 million SDRs.

· The last payment this year is scheduled for November 1 – nearly 50 million SDRs.