How much will it cost 1 ha of land after lifting the moratorium

General Director of SE “SETS” Victor Vishnev, said that after the lifting of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land value per hectare may be placed at the level of 1.5 thousand dollars.

Сколько будет стоить 1 га земли после снятия моратория

About it reports RBC-Ukraine.

“If quickly calculate the multiplier for at least ten years, we understand how much can cost the earth in Ukraine. An average of 1.5 thousand Dollars per hectare. We can easily count on. View that establish by the Ministry of economy to start trading,” said vyshniv.

He noted that the understanding about the possible price of 1 ha of land in Ukraine came after studying data about the rent in different areas of the country.

Vishnev said that the high cost of renting 1 ha of land now in the Kirovohrad region – 7 thousand UAH/ha.