How much you need to earn to realize the American dream

To achieve the American dream, you have to be obscenely rich. This is confirmed by the results of a new survey which revealed that almost three-quarters of 1% of the richest of Americans believe that able to realize the American dream, writes CBS News.

Сколько нужно зарабатывать, чтобы воплотить американскую мечту

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According to the survey, conducted by Harvard school of public health named tan Chan, Foundation Robert wood Johnson and National public, 1% of those who earn at least $500,000 a year, lives “completely different” than Americans with low and middle income levels.

According to the US census, now the gap between the highest incomes in the country and the rest of the biggest over the past 50 years. Income growth among families with higher earnings for decades been ahead of the increase in family income with a lower level. Thus, the population is divided into two classes: higher (1%) and the lowest (99%). And the latter often have difficulty paying basic services, such as health and nutrition.

“Many of those who have average or low income, they say that lately they have had serious problems paying for prescription drugs. So they were forced to buy a cheaper analog or reduce the dosage,” — noted in the study.

In addition, almost 3 out of 10 Americans with low income and 1 out of 10 respondents with an average said that in recent years they lacked for food. (Low income is defined as wages of less than $35,000 a year, while respondents with an average income earn from $35 000 to $99 999 per year.) Respondents with low and middle income often complained that they find it difficult to pay for housing than more affluent Americans.

Emergency $ 1000

The study also sheds light on the financial turmoil experienced by millions of American families. About 67% of Americans with low incomes said that they will be difficult to pay the extra expense of $1000. A third of the population with the average level of stresses that the trouble paying bills. While about 12% of those in the group with higher incomes, suggest that you will encounter problems.

It is not surprising that wealthier Americans are more satisfied with life than those with income level much lower. Nine out of 10 people who belong to the 1%, say that they are satisfied with their lives. And respondents with low income levels this ratio decreases to about 4 out of 10.


Almost half of the respondents in each of the groups confirmed that average person today is more difficult to earn than in the years of their childhood. However, respondents from all groups agreed that the path to success is through hard work. And this factor in each group is estimated above than others, say, higher education or “meet the right people”.

According to a survey published by the Pew Research center, most Americans says that today there is too much income inequality. But from the survey it is unclear whether there is political will to solve this problem. At the same time, less than half of respondents believe that financial inequalities should be a top priority for the Federal government. Instead, as found by Pew in the survey, are now the more pressing problems of climate change and affordable health care.