How not to be infected with coronavirus in the Elevator: recommendations of CDC

Lift has become a familiar part of our lives, but stay in confined spaces together with the patient coronavirus infection-prone. The centers for control and prevention (CDC) will publish guidelines for reducing the risk of infection in the Elevator. About it writes the edition “News”.

Как не заразиться коронавирусом в лифте: рекомендации CDC

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The coronavirus is transmitted in droplets of saliva and mucus, which are distributed in the air to a distance of 1.6 m When hit by drops in the nose, nasopharynx, and perhaps in the eyes of those viruses penetrate into the cells and begin to multiply. You can become infected and asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus through physical contact and even talking.

Dean of the faculty of engineering and computer science Portland State University Richard Corsi have developed a mathematical model of how the infected person infects the Elevator during the ascent, on 10 floors. It was determined and the time during which the Elevator remains contagious after its release. The results of calculations he posted on his Twitter page.

“The prospective scenario – written by Corsi that the air of the Elevator cabin will remain the virus after the patient will come out of it”.

The model considered several possible options of speed of movement of the Elevator, the operation of ventilation systems and closing doors, as well as the trajectory of the virus through coughing or talking on the phone.

Corsi came from the fact that a single cough man throws a from thousands to hundreds of thousands of viral particles, and when talking on the phone is the number emitted per second. Then, these particles are mixed with the external air when the doors open and the patient leaves. When the Elevator enters another person he comes into contact with 25% of viral particles are thrown into the air going to it media.

CDC intends to issue a formal recommendation on the safe use of lift during a pandemic coronavirus.

Rules for the safe use an Elevator during an outbreak of coronavirus:

  • enter the Elevator in the mask;
  • to limit the number of passengers in the cabin (maximum 1 person);
  • to place the layout directions of the Elevator entrance and exit to the cab floor;
  • be silent when you ride in the Elevator;
  • sanitize your hands after touching the buttons.

Rules out their home, it is recommended that:

  • do not use the Elevator, and the stairs;
  • disinfecting hands after touching Elevator buttons or ATM, railings, door handles and other surfaces which may touch the infected person;
  • it is recommended to avoid not only handshakes, but also the contact of the elbows when greeting friends.


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