How not to catch the flu in the office: tips from therapists

About precautionary measures and protect from the flu, said medical professionals.

Как не подхватить грипп в офисе: советы от терапевтов

The flu is one of the most popular diseases of the cold season. Now the end of November, which means that the flu outbreak here will stir the Ukraine. Of course, it is better that the flu is epidemic, but it should listen to the recommendations of therapists and implement them.

As we know, in a closed room where more than two people, such as in the office of the average company in the air different kinds of microorganisms and most of them belong to the category of agents of influenza. But you don’t want to hurt? If your answer is “no”, then please note and take on Board the advice of experienced doctors who will help you not to catch the flu virus:

— often ventilate the area in which they work, and not hurt themselves several times a day to go outside;

wash your hands and treat them with a disinfectant spray;

— wipe the working surface of the table with antiseptic wipes at least a couple of times a day;

to only use your dishes and it is better to use disposable paper towels, than the General — Terry or waffle;

— if someone showed up to work with obvious signs of a cold or flu, wear a respiratory mask and change it every three hours, and with a sick limit contact;

— wet cleaning in the office at least two times per day, but this is the case, if you want to stay healthy;

heaters sometimes need to be shut down and cleaned with disinfectant wipes or a damp cloth.

Should for the period of colds and flu to adjust the diet to include citrus fruits, milk products, garlic, onion, spices and herbs, vegetables and others that will support the immune system and take care of your health.

Very important: having flu symptoms — call your doctor, and don’t be a hero and go to work to infect all the others there! Moreover, the flu is a disease that can lead to negative complications and even death, so help from a therapist is required.