How not to fall for the money you pay through the terminal

“PrivatBank” deal with a negative review for a client who had questions about the different size of the Commission.

Как не попасть на деньги при оплате через терминал

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya”.

On the website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the Reviews section there is a complaint about customer PrivatBank Nicholas Gulenko from Dnepropetrovsk marked “Cheating PrivatBank”.

“Put the amount of 15,000 UAH, for the service of sending the amount the Bank offered to pay 500 hryvnia. Decided to check out what amount of a translation service will be offered in the “terminal” of PrivatBank. Introduced the same amount in “terminal” and the amount of the fee in the monitor 105 USD. Without a definition for cash or cashless money transfer. I clicked pay by card — And then a miracle happened — the monitor has information that the operation was successful, But the amount of Commission amounted to 605 riven — instead of the proposed 105! Question — why is the monitor or the amount of UAH 605 and not shown what the Commission is for their money, and what amount of fee for credit? I called the Bank to number 3700, told the Bank teller the situation with the “terminal” of the Bank. Asked her why the monitor “terminal” of the Bank for me, there was no information about the Commission UAH 605. No amount of fee for your money and credit. Response workers also surprised — she assured me that neither in the “Privat24” or in the “terminal” amount of payment for the service of the Bank is not defined !?”, the user writes.

On the website there is also the response of a Bank employee explaining the situation.

“When you create a payment in Privat24 displays the Commission that You are going to pay. If all payment is due of credit, respectively, and Commission is charged as for credit. When making a payment where partially used credit, the Commission is calculated separately for the amount of the loan and personal funds. In the self-service terminal when a payment is created displays the terminal Commission for payment execution and the Commission of the recipient’s card (if available). You can always see the rates for payments, is available on our website. Also You can always contact support via one of the channels listed on the website available 24/7 for consultation on issues that You have,” reads the response.