How not to gain weight in the cold season

In the cold time of year, many of us are gaining extra pounds — the ones who later will have hard to drive for the summer. Is not it easier just to avoid them altogether? In Insagram account Slim i Point published 5 rules that will help to recover in this period.

Как не набрать лишний вес в холодное время года

Autumn and winter want to eat more — the body spends more energy on heating, and therefore want to eat more often/more. In addition, in cold weather we drink less clean water, preferring teas and coffees to keep warm. And as you know, often feeling we confuse thirst with hunger.

How to deal with hunger in the cold:

1. Drink more water, mostly warm.

2. Eat the right nourishing products. Cheese, eggs, meat, offal and nuts.

3. To do fitness. Only the priority is not a grueling workout, and more stretching, yoga, Pilates.

4. Regularly going to the sauna or steam bath.

5. Delight yourself with positive emotions. Interesting books, quests, party games and outings with friends.