How often you need to take a shower at a high temperature

With a cold, elevated body temperature, it is desirable to take a shower at least 2 times a day.

Как часто нужно принимать душ при высокой температуре

According to doctors, in the period of colds is important to keep the body clean.

They said that if an adult human body temperature increased to 38 degrees, this is a clear symptom of a cold.

But even if elevated body temperature is not desirable to take a cool shower, although it can provide quite a comfortable feeling.

During the elevated temperature in the body there is a fever. You might think that cold water can provide comfort, because the body temperature. But in fact, doctors and health workers around the world never advise you to take a bath with cold water even when the body is healthy.

Hot body during a cold is a natural factor, which is itself supposed to protect the body. Therefore, when a person bathes in cold water, the body can assume that it is a threat to the process of fighting infection.

Accordingly, the body temperature will increase and worsen the feeling, making the cold more chronic, because the cold water provokes a closure of the pores, inhibiting the regulation of body temperature. In addition, a cold shower can also increase the risk of sudden drop in body temperature, resulting in tremor (trembling in the body).