How plants affect the air quality

Sad news for the great number of fans to plant house plants. Research has shown that they are not in any way purify the air in enclosed spaces.

Как комнатные растения влияют на качество воздуха

There is a widespread view that plants are very useful for cleaning the air in homes and apartments. However, researchers from Drexel University in Philadelphia found that in the fight for clean air in apartments these plants are absolutely useless, unless you turn your home into a jungle for Tarzan. Only in the case when the number of plants in the house exceeds all reasonable limits, they begin to somehow affect the purity of the air, and with normal number of them, nothing like this happens.

In particular, research has shown that to achieve a stable effect, cleaning the air man should have in his house from 10 to 1 000 (!) of plants per square meter, depending on their size. It’s not very good news for the huge army of people who are bred in pots and tubs of different kinds of plants and trees, in full confidence that by doing so they purify the air in the room. However, even given the fact that air plants are not affected, they can still be useful. At least its positive impact on the psyche. Found that contact with plants, especially in winter, when the window hopelessly white landscape, reduces elevated stress levels.

The current study showed that indoor plants can’t force a certain speed filter located in the indoor air toxins like volatile organic components. They are released into the atmosphere after the combustion of wood, coal and gasoline. These components can cause irritation of the eyes, nose and skin, lead to private headaches and even lung cancer.