How seniors can get “Savino thousand”

On April 23 the Pension Fund of Ukraine sent UAH 9.9 billion on the payment of one-time assistance to pensioners in size of 1000 UAH.

Как пенсионеры могут получить «Вовину тысячу»

As the Wave passes, as reported by the PFC on its Facebook page.

So, the Fund explained how people will be able to get the money. It is noted that the pensioners receiving pensions on Bank cards, the benefit will be credited no later than 24 April (in Ukraine 6.4 million people). As for pensioners receiving pensions through the mail, the postman needs to deliver a benefit home within 5 calendar days from the date of receipt of funds (such people in Ukraine, 3.5 million).

It is emphasized, that if in these 5 days to pay money it will not be possible, they must pay not later than 25 June of the current year.

The Pension Fund also added that if seniors have any questions, in particular the right to payment is UAH 1000, the answer is they can obtain remotely, namely:

  • through the portal of electronic services;
  • sending an appeal through the information page by link or email;
  • you can call the Contact center of the Pension Fund of Ukraine at:

— 0-800-503-753;

— (044) — 281-08-70;

— (044) — 281-08-71.