How stores make us spend more: 9 mistakes buyers

All people love shopping, but sometimes the love of sales and discounts costs much more expensive than you think. The publication “Lifehacker” collected 9 frequent errors, which people spend more.

Как магазины заставляют нас тратить больше: 9 ошибок покупателей

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1. You give in to impulse purchases at sales

Even if you don’t need another coffee maker, the second set of perfume and sixth case for a smartphone, you can still buy it. Because with a huge discount.

What to do

  • Purposefully uninformed about the sales.
  • Remember that many sellers list of fake discount. Do you want to be deceived?
  • Make a list of what you really need, and buy only those things.
  • To choose the products with exclusive discount, on one condition: first, to conduct a thorough inventory of what was bought during last black Friday.
  • To give a certain amount on purchases during the sales and not to exceed the limit.

2. You do not follow the sales

Reverse the situation: you don’t watch where and what you can buy cheaper. And for good reason. Many stores offer days of sales, when fresh and high quality products can be purchased at very competitive prices. And this is a good savings.

What to do

  • Subscribe to stores where you are most often. Either download a special application that will collect the best deals and tell you about them.

3. You prefer to buy ready-made food, not to cook

Burgers, salads, side dishes from the prepared food Department in the supermarket will cost at least twice as expensive than if you made them yourself. Or at least bought prefabricated.

What to do

  • To cook at home. Teach yourself to paint the menu for the week. Then food will not be monotonous and you will not want the evening “something delicious”.
  • Buy only those products that are needed for cooking dinner. This will save a decent amount and go on a healthy diet.

4. You throw the food

Yesterday’s pasta, a little stale bread, dried cheese, open can of peas — it all goes in the trash to make room for new purchases? So you spend on food more than you need.

What to do

  • Try an experiment: don’t go to the store until the fridge is empty. And fantasize. Come up with your dish and feel like a chef is priceless. Here’s how to use unsold products:
  • Half a Cup of yogurt make great pancakes and muffins.
  • Butter can be turned into a fine addition to sandwiches. Mix it with Dijon mustard, crushed garlic clove and chopped herbs.
  • The dried cheese you can grate and add to the boiled potatoes, fried in butter.
  • Of the dried loaf of bread or make yummy croutons. Slice what you wanted to send to the garbage slices. Mix the egg and sugar (to taste), dip in mixture of bread and fry in a pan with butter. Hot toast is very good with herbal teas or coffee.

5. You blindly follow trends

Fluffy knitted hat, coat oversize, long scarf, leather backpack… Things, which are now at the height of fashion, tomorrow will be irrelevant. And therefore you will again have to fully update a wardrobe.

What to do

  • Exhale and calm down. To chase trends just not worth it. Choose a wardrobe based on what is right for you. And do not throw away old things after a couple years sweater or a skirt can once again become trendy.

6. You don’t have the patience

Sellers have learned to stir up interest in the products and create excitement. Recent example — selling places in line for the iPhone X. the day the popular product is always more expensive, and after some time cheaper. But those who are not ready to suffer, pay more.

What to do

  • To calculate how much you can save on waiting. This applies, for example, going to the movies: opening night ticket can be the most expensive, no discounts will not work. A week later you use coupons or choose budget morning session. Or even wait until the film can be viewed online in digital cinema. Such trifles add up a big amount.

7. You can easily be seduced sellers

“But these socks at the super price, be sure to take to your purchase”, “this coffee is suitable only coffee that is sold here”, “You must issue additional guarantee or insurance product. And suddenly you have it breaks?” all these phrases are familiar to many of us. Sometimes to resist the pressure of the sellers is difficult. But it is necessary and possible. After all, so often offered bargain goods and unnecessary services or something at an inflated price.

What to do

  • To educate ourselves. Read everything you can about the coffee, which is suitable for coffee, extra warranty, insurance and other details associated with the item you want to buy. And decide whether you need it all. And learn to firmly say “no.” You will not offend the seller, but can save.

8. You did not read financial documents

Debit and credit cards or loans many of us have. But do carefully read the contract which was signed with the Bank?

It is not excluded that it sets out the expenses that you have not sounded friendly staff. And they will become for you an unpleasant surprise. As, for example, insurance of financial responsibility, is activated by default for holders of certain credit cards.

What to do

  • To train yourself to read carefully everything you sign.
  • To improve their financial literacy.
  • Remember, thinking about another “attractive offer” that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

9. You don’t create a financial cushion

In life everything happens, including force majeure. You could get fired, your company suddenly goes bankrupt, and you have a mortgage and a few small loans.

What to do

  • Discipline yourself to save money. You can use the jugs or any other available method. Importantly, you really have been saving for a rainy day or for some other major goals and did not spend the money ahead of time.