How temperature affects our health and wellbeing?

People adapt to different weather conditions — we may well exist in the heat of +30 and -30 in the cold. But how temperature affects our health and wellbeing? Are there any diseases that worsen during the cold weather?

Как температура влияет на наше здоровье и самочувствие?

The heart and blood vessels

Most cold affects our heart and blood vessels — they constrict. It is dangerous for “cores”. Statistics show that the blockage of the coronary artery occurs most often during the winter. The risk of heart attacks and strokes also increases the heart harder to pump blood through the narrow arteries.
So it’s important to dress warmly in the winter. Not to forget a warm hat (especially people with impaired cerebral circulation, high blood pressure), warm gloves and warm waterproof shoes.
It is worth noting that smokers should refrain from Smoking in the cold this further causes narrowing of the blood vessels and may even trigger a spasm.

Bronchi and lungs

The cold becomes a real problem for those who have lung diseases and bronchial asthma sufferers — it triggers bronchospasm. Doctors advised to breathe through the scarf, so to bronchi he would be partially warmed.

How better to warm up in the cold?

Doctors warn against alcohol for “sugrevu”. Indeed, after the portions of strong alcohol vessels dilate, but just as quickly narrowed back.
Better suited for these purposes hot tea or hot broth. The latter, moreover, is well nourishes and adds energy.