How the government will deal with rising prices

Due to the introduction of quarantine on the territory of Ukraine, some time nabludaetsa the rapid growth of prices on essential goods like medicines and basic products. In NBU argue that the increase in prices was due to rising demand and decreasing supply. National Bank also reassured Ukrainians that today the situation has stabilized.

Как правительство будет бороться с ростом цен

About it it is spoken in plot ICTV, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

It is noted that in March representatives of retailers argued the rising prices in the shops increase the cost of wholesale prices. In turn, manufacturers and suppliers of goods to justify the “rise” of prices quarantine restrictions. At the same time, ukraniskih economists believe that in the current situation, to blame only the desire to earn more during the rush.

How the government will monitor prices in Ukraine

The government of Ukraine from April 22, introduced state regulation of prices for necessities during the quarantine.

Will monitor the prices of antiseptics, disinfectants and personal protective equipment (masks, respirators, gowns, Shoe covers, gloves and caps and other products).

Also the list is made of medications that are used in the fight against coronavirus disease.

Regarding products in in supermarkets, under the control of take of buckwheat, sugar, flour, pasta, milk, bread, mineral water without gas, vegetable oil, chicken carcass and eggs.

However, experts believe that “regulation” from the government will end the regular monitoring of prices.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine reported that chains such as “Auchan”, “Silpo”, “ATB”, “Metro” and others agreed not to raise prices during coronavirus quarantine.