How to avoid disruptions during the diet? Says nutritionist

Eating sweets is bad for your figure and health, so if people seriously started the program for weight reduction, sweet from the product list is automatically excluded. However, (surprise!) nutritionists against. Sooner or later sweet will be tempted, but rather small portions, long-term abstinence will lead to a very real bout of gluttony. How to avoid the St. Petersburg says the nutritionist.

Как избежать срывов во время диеты? Рассказывает диетолог

“The sweet you can allow yourself, even if you are dieting, the key is to incorporate this dessert in calorie counting. The second rule is to choose the right time, the third — to choose the right product.”

Afternoon drowsiness

You can often hear the recommendation that the best time for sweet — morning. However, not all this advice is suitable. Most of us for desserts tenet in the evening — the fatigue took its toll, and the desire to please yourself and cheer. And a state of fatigue may occur in a couple of hours after lunch. The blame for the decrease in the level of cortisol, which is responsible for the activity, and increasing the level of melatonin, which is responsible for sleep.

“I would recommend is sweet from 15.00 to 17.30. To regain health, brew coffee or green tea. Caffeine will invigorate and sweet will give energy and psychological comfort. Eating dessert in this time, you don’t want him over for dinner, and avoid disruption”.

How sweet the best diet?

“Avoid fatty desserts — cakes, oil cakes, donuts, cookies. The best choice is dark chocolate, honey, candy, marshmallows, natural jam”.