How to avoid varicose veins: 9 tips from the doctors

In order not to suffer from varicose veins, it is important to control weight, follow the diet, move enough, but without overloading of vessels. What other tips to give physicians in connection with the prevention of varicose veins?

Как избежать варикоза: 9 советов от врачей

Among the causes of varicose veins experts identify the genetics (primarily passed through the female line), flat feet, oral contraceptives, Smoking, excess weight, way of life. Individual factors – height and long legs: the higher rises in blood vessels, the greater the pressure on the veins.

Proceeding from the above, it is easy to conclude that to prevent varicose veins it is better to prevent obesity or to lose weight if you available overweight, and also not to smoke and to be careful with taking hormonotherapy drugs.

What else?

It is important to sit correctly.

No sauna – only douche. The tendency to varicose veins should avoid heat: the beaches, baths and saunas unintended (though the swimming is recommended by doctors). For the feet is very useful douche — start with hot water and end with cold. This shower strengthens the venous wall.

To follow the diet. For weak veins harmful nourishing meat broths, jellies, meats, marinades, alcohol. Undesirable in large quantities of coffee. The best products to protect against varicose veins – those that contain vitamins C, PP (rutin), E, copper and peoplenode. To get them, in the diet should be beans, green onions, liver, egg yolk, corn and olive oil, rosehip, sweet peppers, black currants, cabbage, citrus, mountain ash, walnuts, cherries, dark grapes, seafood.

Walking and massage. Doctors recommend every day to walk at least 40 minutes. Walking strengthens the muscles of the lower leg, which improves venous circulation. In the evenings, it is helpful to do simple massage is to RUB the leg and foot.

Compression hosiery. You should wear it according to the indications: it is indispensable for pregnancy, standing work, or during long periods of sitting during travel.