How to buy scarce goods: how effective alerts from the shops its presence

You thought that you have enough toilet paper, and it will last a long time, but when I went into the bathroom and discovered there’s only one roll. Do not worry, you can set an alert that will show when deficient products will be available in stores. This writes Fox News.

Как купить дефицитный товар: насколько эффективны оповещения от магазинов о его наличии

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Unfortunately, in most stores nationwide toilet paper sold out. But you can set alerts to find out when these hard-to-reach items will be on sale.

Why set an alarm

If you are trying not to visit a supermarket or grocery store in person, then a great alternative is to order groceries and supplies online. However, if the goods are not in stock, you can’t wait around forever wondering when they will appear again. Fortunately, you can configure an alert that will notify you when the item will be in stock and will be available for purchase.

How to set an alert

There are several different ways to set alerts depending on the seller. For example, if you go to the web site Walmart to buy a product that is not available, you will see a notification “out of stock”. However, for some products next to the notification “Not available” is a blue button that says “Get notification”. After you click this button, you can send your e-mail address, and Walmart will send you an email when the product becomes available for purchase.

If you are trying to buy cleaning products on Amazon, but noticed that it is no longer in stock, you should see the window “Alert Me”. If this service is available for this specific product, you can click “Register”, and Amazon will notify you by email to let you know that the product is available. However, Amazon notes that “the notification subscription is not reserved for you this subject. When you receive an email message about what item is available, you will need to return to to place an order”.

Target offers to configure notifications on the website or app.

“When product is not in stock, we can offer you the ability to send a notification when it is back in stock — said on the website of the Target. — If this service is available for the item, on the detail page of the product, you will see the button “notify me on availability”. If you use the app Target, it will click “Notify me”.

But Target also notes that “selecting a notification does not reserve or guarantee the availability of the product, so you should act quickly to back not sold out”.

Unfortunately, many stores, including Costco, CVS and Home Depot do not provide alerts about product availability in the warehouse.


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