How to care for oily skin without damage to the wallet

Oily skin needs care if her right is not to follow, then beauty are easy to lose.

Как ухаживать за жирной кожей лица без ущерба для кошелька

Let’s start with the good. Oily skin less prone to aging. It is always smooth, elastic and brilliant looks. But a greasy Shine, enlarged pores and a tendency to appearance of acne does not allow you to fully enjoy all the benefits of happy owners of oily facial skin. What should I do?

With cleaning the skin and removing the oily sheen do an excellent job for any low-fat tonics and cleansers clay-based or goat’s milk. If you trust better made by hand, then to alternate infusions of sage with infusions of yarrow, rosemary or mint can be arbitrarily long. Most importantly, carry out cleaning procedures for the face morning and evening. Two times a day. Steam baths these herbs, masks of white clay do readings, or for the prevention of times a week. They will help you get rid of enlarged pores and reduce the likelihood of acne. Refrain from scrubs. For your skin they are the source of irritation.

Nutrition and hydration is essential for any skin. Fat is no exception. At a young age, of course, nourishing and moisturizing cream is not so necessary. But low-fat nutrient and moisturizer you need. Their effectiveness does not depend on prices and is determined empirically.

And finally, makeup. The number one rule, and it is easy to remember. Foundation your makeup should not contain moisturizers. Instead of creams choose a good powder. Greasy will not. And remember, whatever your skin, you are beautiful.