How to change currency after the lifting of the quarantine

Currency market analysts say the imminent appreciation of the currency.

Как изменятся курсы валют после отмены карантина

As the Wave passes, it is reported Today.

According to experts, next week it is better not to pass, and to buy the currency as a means of accumulation.

Member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin noted that the inflation trend has not disappeared, because the business remains pent-up demand for currency, which in full measure will be implemented as soon as the country will be out of quarantine. “Therefore, those who have hryvnia surplus and wants to convert them into dollars, it’s time to do it in days of calm, when the course at a minimum

While similar advice is given to the head of Analytics GK Forex club Andrey Shevchishin. He stressed that last week began a reduction of the selling rate of cash dollar, as demand is almost none. However, according to him, there is no demand mainly due to the fact that the population were not “extra” money that you can invest in the currency.

But it seems that mezhprazdnichnoe week last week low in the dollar and its stability, will continue to be more expensive. Therefore, those who now buy the currency, by the end of the year, not bad earn on it, “says Shevchishin.

It should be noted that as of Wednesday, may 6, the national Bank fixed the exchange rate in Ukraine. The hryvnia has demonstrated the stability of the exchange rate against the dollar on Wednesday, 6 may, has not changed. One dollar will still have to pay 26.97 USD.

It was also reported that the NBU reported that the fluctuations of the currencies show a tendency to a gradual strengthening of the hryvnia against the background of relative fall of the dollar and the Euro.