How to change the dollar in March

Become aware of the forecasts the exchange rate for the coming month. In case of positive scenario, the dollar bull=de range 24 UAH per unit of American currency or, as experts say will be a psychological mark in 25 hryvnia. About it reports “observer”.

Как будет меняться курс доллара в марте

According to forecasts senior analyst “Alpari” Vadim Iosub it is likely that the dollar will hold in March, in the range 24 to 25 USD. The analyst believes that it is too early to discuss the long term, as the direction is still undecided.

A slight change in rates suggests that the currency has found its equilibrium at the current level. Interestingly, the stability of the national currency often occurs when the rest of the world currency losing ground to the American dollar. For example the Australian dollar fell to the position 11 years ago,and the Euro reached the level of indicator 2017.